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This is a test post

Congratulations if you’ve stumbled upon this blog. You are indeed lucky, as I doubt that it shows up in any search engines. I’m thinking that perhaps I could use this for my class.

We would need to be able to post videos, though.  What happens if I try to embed one?

Elise holds a bouquet of flowers in this file photo from March 2011.

How about a photo, too?  We can do that a couple of different ways.  The photo on the left is uploaded from my computer into the media library on WordPress.  There is a drop and drag function that makes it pretty easy.

We’d need to find a way to embed a slideshow, too.

Audio is pretty easy (if we pay for the upgrade)

The other thing we can do is add links, which we should always do.



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November 29, 2011 · 8:34 pm

kba0206’s photostream

07282011 005ICF wall termite damage

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